The Coop

The Coop Farm Store

Riverwood is thrilled to offer “The Coop” a used tack and farm store to the community. The Coop Store is full of unique gift items, homemade and fine art pieces, and used tack for all types of disciplines of horsemanship. We have some one of a kind t-shirts that are great gifts for friends and family and we will be offering seasonal produce and gifts that will be available for certain times throughout the year. This shop offers a realistic setting for our Community Based Learning students to practice the occupational and vocational skills they are acquiring in their program at the farm. The students are busy creating items for the store as well as cleaning tack, organizing inventory and working on communication and customer service skills. These students are thriving in a setting of horsemanship and the many lessons that can be learned on a working farm. Your visit to the store creates even more opportunities for students with diverse needs in our community to develop skills that will help them earn experience for job placement in the future. For more information on Community Based Learning.

The Coop is also a wonderful opportunity for our fellow horse community to clean out your tack trunks and basements! A donation of your gently used tack will benefit the entire Riverwood program with items that we may use for our therapy horses and riders or that will go into The Coop for our students to clean up and resell. For more information on dropping off used tack, please call the office at 336-922-6426 or email