Community Based Learning

The Community Based Learning Program

Riverwood’s Community Based Learning Program is a non-riding, equine facilitated and nature-based learning opportunity for students who are looking for job skill or higher education preparation as a part of their future.  Community based instruction is defined as, “educational instruction in naturally occurring community environments providing students real life experiences”.  Inspired by the growing need for experiential learning for teens and young adults in our community, our goal is to provide a variety of hands on learning opportunities to help students acquire the skills to live and thrive in the world today.  These will include, but are not limited to, working with a supervisor to learn and understand how to do certain farm and equine related tasks, learning to adhere to expectations within a time-frame, following a list of tasks, interfacing with the public, and learning new skills both physical and educational.

Program Detail

The program will utilize Riverwood’s new building, The Coop, as a farm store and learning center for students to gain and practice job skills that are needed in retail settings, farm care, animal care and interfacing with the public.  Although students will not be riding, sessions will involve consistent interaction with the horses. The program format will be designed in close collaboration with educators and parents so that job skill goals can be infused into the curriculum taught at the farm. All sessions take place in 4,6, or 8-week blocks throughout the year. 

This is an ideal learning opportunity for teenagers (age 14 and up) and adults with special needs who will be seeking employment or higher education in the future. This program is open to new students, as well as students who have already completed past sessions in Riverwood’s Community Based Learning Program.
No horse or riding experience is necessary.  Students will interact with our horses to learn about teamwork, leadership and communication as well as develop self-awareness.  Students have identified goals that they will meet and progress through in each session.

$272  8-Week Session- February 17th-April 14th (no class on 4/7)

$136  4-week Session- April 28th- May 19th

Interested?  To enroll a student or find out further information about the Community Based Learning program, please contact Aliza McIlwain, Program Director.  Email or call 336-922-6426