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2020 Souper Bowl!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 17th Annual Souper Bowl. We sold 570 quarts of chili and collected over $300 in change. A  big Thank You to Salem Kitchen and all the hard work that they put into the chili sale for a successful fundraiser. We are grateful for the on going relationship we have with them and all that they do for Riverwood.

Shredding Event Cancelled

Our May 16 Shredding Event has been Cancelled

Riverwood Shredding Event - September 19th.

    Location and times to be determined.

September 19th

Hoof Beat

The Hoof Beat was a huge success!

We raised over $56,000 this year! Thank you to all our event sponsors, silent auction donors, attendees, and volunteers who made this event a success as well as The Martha Bassett Band and Salem Kitchen for providing entertainment and food for our 300 guests.

Riverwood thanks our Hoof Beat Sponsors!

Rick and Nancy Hancock