Our Horses

At Riverwood, we treasure our horses; they give us their friendship, love and dedication every day, and for that we are always thankful. Due to the costs associated with equine care, we hope to have a minimum of two or three sponsors per horse. If you, your family, business, or any group or organization would like to sponsor one of our amazing therapy horses, please contact us for details.

 Angel ~ Sponsors: Alan Kirby

Angel is a 14.3 hand arabian cross mare. Her soft chestnut coat and huge brown eyes make her seem like a large teddy bear. She is sensitive but brave and is always ready to go when asked. She has had a lot of trail experience in her past but is also able to offer a smooth ride to our students in the arena. Her sweet attitude and willingness to learn new things have endeared her to all of us!


 Blaze ~ Sponsors: Kyle & Marie Petty

Blaze is a dark roan, 15.3 hand mare who has lived at the farm since she was 4 years old. She has been an all around horse with a special talent for jumping. She has become a reliable mount for our advanced riders who are learning how to ride with a purpose. Her curiosity and courageous attitude make her a great confidence builder for our students.


 Boomer ~ Sponsors: Kate Snow; Carrie Childress

Boomer is a black, 16.2 hand appendix quarter horse gelding who has lived on the farm since he was 4 years old. He started his career as a Pony Club levels horse and now helps our advanced riders learn the principles of dressage, basic jumping and general riding skills. His favorite place to be is on the trails carrying children and adults with ease. Bathed, clipped and shined he has a beautiful presence in the arena!

Candy Man ~ Sponsors: Nicole Gallimore; Old Richmond Elementary School

Candy is a bay miniature horse and special Riverwood ambassador. He and his partner, Midnight, travel with our Mobile Education Outreach trailer (MEO), which allows us to serve those who cannot come to the farm. His small size and gentle personality make him a perfect fit for this job!

 Cody ~ Sponsor: Perch & Nest – A Tiny & Cottage Home Co.

Cody is a quarter horse and a gentle giant; he measures in at 16.3. He loves people and is always looking for a chance to be scratched or loved on by a willing person. His history includes being a trail horse, a lower level dressage horse and a family pet. He has proven himself to be a steady and reliable horse for our most timid beginners as well as a fun horse for our intermediate riders. His sweet personality makes him a perfect fit at the farm.

 Dante ~ Sponsors: Sue & Mark Royster

Dante is an 11 year old, beautiful flea bitten grey Quarter Horse with the kindest of souls. He was kindly donated by his previous owner, Becca Murray, who taught him to be a hunter/jumper and a gentleman for all types of riders. He has three lovely gaits, very gentle eyes and a personality that makes him friends with everyone. He has been ridden by some of our most beginner riders and has proven himself to be a great therapeutic riding partner.

 Faith ~ Hughes Equine Energy

Faith is 17 year old Appendix Quarter Horse mare. Before coming to Riverwood, she was trained as an event horse, being ridden in various combined tests and events. Most recently, Faith traveled to Wilson College with her owner where she was leased to the school as a lesson horse for both college students, therapeutic riding students and participated intercollegiate dressage and hunt seat competitions. Her sweet and gentle personality has quickly made her a favorite among volunteers!

 Flash ~ Sponsors: George & Eleanor Wilson; Madeline McGuire; Kerri Crater

Flash, a quarter horse with a sweet disposition, has spent most of his life as a top notch cutting horse and trail partner. His easy going gait and patience makes him a wonderful part of our program. Flash was donated by his owner who wanted him to continue giving his talents to children and beginner riders.

 Gator ~ Sponsor: Mariam Wright in honor of Dr. Vickie Newell, Greystone Veterinary Clinic

Gator is a 15.1 hand chestnut paint gelding with a sweet disposition and big, lovable brown eyes. He has had an extensive show career as a western pleasure horse and is now moving on to his next job as a much loved therapy horse. He is a great size for children and adults. His versatility and friendly attitude make him a perfect match for our program.

 Kahlua ~ Sponsors: Cindy Martin; The Welborn Family – Tim, Michelle, Logan and Lilly

Kahlua is a dark bay 15.1 hand mare. She is very sweet and has a quiet disposition. She is very curious and in tune to the people around her. She was used as a trail horse and as lesson horse for beginner riders before coming to the farm. Because of her size and willingness to work, Kahlua has become a steady mount for our adult and teenage riders.

 Lucky ~ Sponsors: William & Donna Cowden;

Lucky is a small Welsh pony who is on loan to Riverwood by his owners. He has the personality of a MUCH bigger horse and he loves being the boss of anyone who will let him. His sweet disposition and small size make him an invaluable therapy pony and he also really shines when working in our psychotherapy program. He loves to eat anything, at anytime and will search your pockets for any goodies you might have brought just for him!


Midnight is a black miniature horse and special Riverwood ambassador! He and his partner, Candy Man, travel with our Mobile Education Outreach trailer (MEO), which allows us to serve those who cannot come to the farm. His small size and gentle personality make him a perfect fit for this job!

 Mistletoe ~ Sponsor: Carrie Childress

Mistletoe is a striking 12-year-old Quarter Horse mare who found her way to Riverwood after being ridden on trail rides, in schooling shows, for birthday parties, and in summer camps. Her vast experience working with riders of all ages and gentle spirit makes her a beloved part of the Riverwood herd!

 Pet ~ Sponsors: Greg & Anne Epting; Piedmont Natural Gas

Pet is an Amish bred pony with a big personality in a small body. She is the boss mare and is willing to let anyone know that in case they forget! However, her heart is as big as her personality and she’ll win you over with her sweet brown eyes and steady gait. She carries some of our most involved riders with care.

 Sir ~ Sponsors: David & Sandra Neugent

Generously donated by Linda Grenier in fall 2014, Sir is a Chestnut quarter horse measuring in at 16 hands. Sir captures the hearts of everyone he meets with his gentle eyes and curious personality. Sir serves as a therapy horse to our timid beginners as well as our intermediate and independent students-he carries all with incredible care.

 Skip ~ Sponsors: Al & Patricia Baker

Skip is an American Quarter Horse who was generously donated by his long-time owners. He is a very sweet guy with huge, curious eyes and an even bigger heart. He loves to be groomed and petted, and he is very thoughtful and considerate around groups of people. He is nice and slow for our beginners but also has a great trot and canter gait that will give our experienced riders lots of practice. He is gentle and kind, and wants to please his riders very much.

 Sweetie ~ Sponsors: Katherine & Tripp Bennett; Collins Commercial Properties; Kelly & McNeil Cronin; The Clegg Family

Sweetie is a flea bitten grey Welsh pony mare, who was generously donated to Riverwood. Previously a child’s lesson and show pony, Sweetie fits in perfectly at the farm, and is currently helping some of our smallest students learn how to ride. She is living up to her name as she tends to captivate everyone she meets with her gentle disposition, soft coat, and lovely brown eyes!

 Thomas ~ Sponsors: Mariam Wright, in honor of Dr. Vickie Newell

Thomas the Train (aka Thomas) is a black and white Welsh Cob who has worked his way into the program and our hearts. Thomas was generously donated by his previous owner who had taught him how to be a lesson horse as well as a jumper and eventer. His large frame and unflappable attitude make him a perfect match for Riverwood’s riders who need steady support.